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What we offer...

We provide worship leading for Sunday services, weekend services, worship nights, special events, conferences, and small group settings. We can lead and work alongside your team or with our own, provide a full band set-up or just an acoustic set-up with keys and acoustic guitar. We will work with your worship leader and tech director to figure out all the details: rehearsals, set-up, songs, etc. to make the process as flawless as possible, all the while submitting to the vision and mission of the house and the leading of Holy Spirit. 

What to expect...

Our ministry provides passionate worship leading with an emphasis on prophecy and prayer, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and an openness to whatever God wants to do in the room among His people. We believe in unity and discipleship, so if we are working alongside your team, we will also seize every opportunity to pour into them even if it's just one service. No matter the denomination, size of the congregation, or order of service, our number one priority is high praise to the only One who is worthy!

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