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tech/sound services

what we offer...

Tech teams do a lot for the church... sometimes with very little recognition, budget, or training! Over the years of traveling and being in church ministry, we have learned a lot about what goes in to making a weekend service run. We believe that tech is another extension of worship and approach this area with excellence, desiring to create atmospheres that point people to Jesus! We have also built amazing relationships with the companies who sell tech equipment and can get equipment through these companies at the lowest cost for your church. 

Sound/tech services include:

  • Consultation - initial meeting to determine what your church has, what your team needs, and come up with a plan for moving forward.

  • Training - working with your staff/volunteers one-on-one.

  • Installation - dependent on knowledge of gear and if a contractor is needed.

  • Lighting - programming light sequences and/or training volunteers how to program.

  • Planning Center Online Organization - cleaning up outdated items on PCO, as well as organizing songs, service scripts, etc. 

  • Pro-Presenter - initial set-up, creating templates, connecting Song Select, etc.

  • Sound/Tech for Sundays - Running front-of-house to help train or give your volunteers a break.

what to expect...

You can expect a great attitude, humility, a friendly face, encouragement, and thorough training. We do not believe in spending tons of money for the best sound or look; we believe in enhancing what you have or finding the best equipment for the lowest cost.

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