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what we offer...

The Worship Leader Development Group (WLDG), written by Andrew and Leah Young, is a 12-part course designed specifically for those who have a calling and anointing to lead worship, not just those who are interested in worship leading. This course can also help an individual figure out whether worship leading is a good fit for them. The course can be taught in-person (local only) or virtually. It can also be broken up as needed to fit the time frame that would work best: 12 weeks, 12 months, or even longer! We recommend spreading this course out over the duration of 12 months to truly receive the benefits of the teaching and give ample time to implement what is being learned, both on Sundays and during the week. This course includes teaching and instruction, as well as additional recommended resources, such as books, videos, and songs. 

what to expect...

Our main goal with this course is spiritual formation for on and off the stage, which we believe takes precedence over all else. We desire to see individuals come out of this course experiencing more freedom, joy, boldness, power, love, humility, value, and identity 

The WLDG Topics include:

  • Identity & Worship

  • Holy Spirit, Part 1

  • Holy Spirit, Part 2 

  • Holiness

  • Prayer & Exhortation

  • Stage Presence & Handling Hiccups

  • Putting Together Song Sets 

  • Working with a Co-Leader/Vocalists

  • Working with the Lead Pastor

  • Altar Calls

  • Working with the Band  

  • Mixing Your In-Ears 

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