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One-on-one discipleship

what we offer...

Discipleship is a vital, biblical element of church community. Different from our Worship Leader Development Group, our one-on-one discipleship/mentorship track is meant for intensive, long-term growth and accountability in the realm of worship arts. Whether you are the worship leader or serve in another role on the team, are on staff or serve as a volunteer, we want to personally invest in your spiritual growth and healing to help you become all that God has called you to be! We can meet in-person (local only) or virtually; one-on-one or couple to couple. For one-on-one discipleship, Andrew will meet with men and Leah with women. 

what to expect...

The Discipleship for Worship track meetings can be adjusted as needed - meeting as frequently as once-per-week (based on our current availability) and as far out as once per month (we do not recommend extending it any farther out). Aside from meeting in-person or virtually, we will also be available via text, phone, and/or email based on what is needed for the individual/couple. 

The first meeting will be the longest meeting to allow us to pray together, get to know you, ask questions, and dig deeper in order to develop the right content for our time together moving forward. For example, we may meet and discover that you have past church hurt you haven't fully healed from that is stunting your spiritual growth and moving forward in your current role. Or maybe you and your spouse work together on the team and are having trouble in your marriage, balancing your roles and relationship on and off the stage. Depending on what comes up from our first meeting, we will pray and seek the Lord on the best pathway to take.

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